What is the CHEAPEST option for 4k hevc playback?
(2019-01-03, 13:05)z999 Wrote: So from noggin's comment I understand that the C2 is not good since it won't play hdr content correctly which most UHD films are?
Yes - the C2 won't play HDR content flagged as HDR, and it only has an 8-bit output path, so even if you are able to force an HDR flag in your TV it will still be 8-bit and have banding issues.
The C2 doesn't convert HDR to SDR - so you can't playback UHD HDR content as UHD SDR.
Quote:I don't understand this, I thought it was not possible yet to rip hdr content.
It's been possible to rip UHD Blu-rays for quite a while now, that information is very out of date.
Quote:Anyway, I'm not looking to play hdr but if it ruins the color of sdr content as well its no good.

No - as I said "The C2 is a great solution for SDR HD Rec 709 content though, and very snappy."  It's a great solution for SDR Rec 709 stuff like Blu-ray rips, Live/Recorded HDTV (and Rec.601 SDTV) etc.

It's a great replacement for/alternative to a Pi 3B+ if you need high bitrate HD HEVC/h.265 10-bit replay (albeit at 8-bit) or 1080p50 German DVB-T2 compatibility (though it doesn't have Bluetooth or 802.11 ac WiFi on-board). Where it isn't a good fit is for UHD HDR, and given that most UHD movie content in the wild is HDR Blu-ray rips, it's not a good fit for UHD movies at all. There is a small amount of Rec 709 UHD around (football matches etc.) but that's not mainstream or widespread.
Quote:What I want to play is in fact some 45-60gb films I downloaded lately thinking that my current nuc would be able to play.

Those sound like UHD HDR movies at that size. The C2 is not a good choice for them. (HD Blu-ray rips will significantly smaller than that, those file sizes sound like UHD Blu-rays, which are almost always HDR)

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