What is the CHEAPEST option for 4k hevc playback?
(2019-01-03, 15:02)z999 Wrote: OK. So this changes my question. I thought what I had was regular x265 2160p, but now I understand that what's marked as uhd is also HDR.

So what hardware is capable of playing that? If this is current "endgame" then I am willing to pay more for that. Is the Vero 4K+ the best option? Or the Minix U9?

Thank you both so much everyone for the very quick, patient, and helpful replies.
 AMLogic - S905X with Gigabit USB 3 adaptor, S905D (which should have integrated GigE - but check), S912 (but this may not have future GPU support in Kodi 19 - unless open source drivers develop quickly enough, and they might)  Still issues with Max/Avg CLL metadata for HDR not being properly carried AIUI.  No Dolby Vision.  Likely to be the cheapest solution.  Vero 4K+ is well supported S905D device with GigE. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K - cheap, handles UHD HDR OK.  AV sync issues. Interlaced content handling terrible. Auto frame rate switching in Kodi and Amazon Prime, but most other apps don't switch.  Very new. No built in Ethernet so third party USB Gig E + OTG adaptors required.  Still very new and far from polished.

Apple TV 4K - MrMC not Kodi (it's a fork to be Apple App Store compliant and doesn't have full plug in functionality last time I checked), but HDR and SDR properly handled (not sure about HDR metadata at the moment).  HD Audio not bistreamed and instead decoded to 5.1/7.1 PCM, Atmos only supported for lossy DD+ not True HD audio, not DTS:x.  Frame rate switching and Rec 709/2020 HDR and SDR switching works. Dolby Vision (streaming flavour) supported in Netflix and Amazon Prime.  UHD Blu-ray rips don't play back with Dolby Vision.

nVidia Shield TV - HDR and SDR Rec 2020/Rec 709 may now be properly handled with the current test images, HD Audio is properly bitstreamed (inc Atmos and DTS:x I believe), and frame rate switching happens within Kodi.  No automatic frame rate switching in Netflix, Amazon etc. but TVHz app makes this easy to switch compared to delving into settings. No Dolby Vision.

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