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(2019-02-15, 20:07)valdo lopes Wrote: In order to load the widgets, the addon should get your services in the background, the skin asks the widgets to load before the service starts, I receive that "AddonSignals call" message expired "or some error message.

Skin estuary, for some reason, carries the widget very fast. If I can delay loading widgets, I'll get rid of those messages.


Thanks for everything!
got around to looking at netflix plugin
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Thanks for this mod , am using it and very satisfied. I don't think what I am going to ask is possible but here goes.
I have the main menu focus/highlight set as a path to a custom "png" in the media folder , however the default highlight on the 3 x icons above menu side bar  is set using "hex code", I know how to set a button on main screen, for power etc using other skins so that i can use images for focus and no focus, is it possible to use an image rather than a colour code for the 3 x icons , so that I can match it with the highlight I am using for main menu items ?
3 x icons above menu side bar are buttons/roundbutton-fo.png
<include name="IconButton">
  <param name="height">120</param>
  <param name="visible">true</param>
   <control type="radiobutton" id="$PARAM[control_id]">
    <texturefocus colordiffuse="button_focus">special://skin/extras/buttons/roundbutton-fo.png</texturefocus>
    <texturenofocus />
    <textureradioonnofocus colordiffuse="grey">$PARAM[icon]</textureradioonnofocus>
    <textureradiooffnofocus colordiffuse="grey">$PARAM[icon]</textureradiooffnofocus>
Good morning thanks for above , sorted. Is it possible to have the ratings "star" coloured as in default estuary , am assuming the black is tied in with your modded background ?
pic1 is your custom mod , pic 2 is default estuary , many thanks again for your continued support.
<include name="UserRatingContent">
  <control type="image">
   <texture colordiffuse="black">overlays/badge.png</texture>
perfect tx.
Me again sorry, I have downloaded "resource images. skin background.clear" , where do i find the line to change from silver to clear please ? and finally , when focussing on a widget I want the background to remain as the dimmed Image from above resource , not item fanart ?
EDIT : sorted the "resource images clear", but haven't been able to disable background fanart showing when highlighting a widget ?
Hi, is there anyway I can get some icons to show when accessing and scrolling thru "genres" from both movie and tv show category widgets ? , I was thinking specifically of "Movie Genre Icons - FilmStrip HD - coloured ",or are "resource images" only usable with script skinshortcuts ?
I use your skin because it doesn't include script skin shortcuts which to me makes it faster in use.
can get some icons to show when accessing and scrolling thru "genres

what u did was added to     <include content="MediaFlag"> in includes.xml

<include content="MediaFlag">
                        <param name="texture" value="$INFO[ListItem.Genre,special://skin/extras/genres/,.png]" />
                        <param name="visible" value="!String.IsEmpty($PARAM[infolabel_prefix]ListItem.Genre)" />
                    <include content="MediaFlag">
                        <param name="texture" value="$INFO[ListItem.Year,special://skin/extras/years/,.png]" />
                        <param name="visible" value="!String.IsEmpty($PARAM[infolabel_prefix]ListItem.Year )" />
                    <include content="MediaFlag">
                        <param name="texture" value="$INFO[$PARAM[infolabel_prefix]ListItem.Studio,resource://resource.images.studios.white/,.png]" />
                <include content="MediaFlag">
                    <param name="texture" value="$INFO[$PARAM[infolabel_prefix]ListItem.Mpaa,flags/Mpaa/,.png]" />
                    <param name="visible" value="!String.IsEmpty($PARAM[infolabel_prefix]ListItem.Mpaa)" />

\i have the images in a folder
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