Solved -  [Leia] Profiles - doesnt differentiate keymaps/remote.xml
I have different keymaps/remote.xml within profiles. Master profile has defined more buttons. Still, other profile reacts on custom key, which is defined only to Master profiles. Works well in Jarvis.

Second profile doesnt have <red>RunScript(,0)</red> defined (Master User does), but still reacts on that key.
For most things master is loaded first and then any secondary profiles are loaded afterwards (if you look in the debug log (wiki) you'll see two load items for advancedsettings.xml for example, one from the master profile and the second from your current profile).

The secondary profile settings will override those of the master because they are loaded afterwards (they will overwrite the master ones).

Also any keymap xml files are loaded in alphabetical order, so you may also find that things are being overwritten when you don't want them to be. Again the log file will show you what's being loaded, in what order and from where.

So there are two solutions. Either keep the master profile basic and do all of your set-up in the secondary one, or for the secondary profile you'd need to explicitly unset the ones you set in the master profile (give the buttons no action) so they are basically cancelled.
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Thank you very much! This comes to my mind too, but then I realise, that the behauviour was load one separate remote.xml in Jarvis, and didnt get clue why it would be changed, so I didnt test it Smile
I can confirm, that "unset" works as it should.
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