Getting Kodi to show random fanart from Media Center Master
I'm pretty new to Kodi, and looking for a specific setup, if it possible. I'm been looking around, but can't seem to find a solution to specific my challenge. Perhaps I just finding find it, as the community is so big, that it may drown in the size of Q&A's.
Because I'm new to Kodi, I don't know if it possible or even if it's the right place to ask, but I gotta start somewhere.

From the old days, I was running the build-in Media Center of Windows 7 together with Media Center Master (MCM), and specific I liked the function, that Media Center ransom showed the fanart from MCM and rotated those images, when you where on a movie e.g. reading the storyline.

It is possible to get Kodi to behave in the same way, and if so how?

Right now I running Kodi on a Windows 10 HTPC, where I also have MCM installed. My media is located on a Synology NAS, which runs Emby. 
I'm sure I need MCM at all, I just liked the feature, where it downloaded everything for the media, including several images and the front-end could show them all by rotating.
you need to set mediacenter master to output nfo files to be save in movie folders(it may be save for kodi on a drop down menu)

in kodi you set up folders with movies
this directy contans movies]


You lost me after the first line, remember I'm new to Kodi. So even if I configured something, it doesn't mean I know where everything is located and to do it.

This is what I got to:
Media Center Master creates an NFO fil in the folder that contains the movie. If also creates multiple images, which is what I like Kodi to show.

What do I do now and where?

In Kodi I have the Emby installed, has it is running on my NAS.
Do I have to remove Emby and setup a new media source or what?

Be wary with Media Managers claiming to be Kodi compatible. Media Center Master is not one that I have come across in the forum, and a quick look on their site reveals a few issues that are not compatible with Kodi. There was nowhere I could view one of their NFO Files, so I don't know how accurate their NFO Files are.

A number of skins use rotating fanart when viewing the movie in the library. Aeon Nox: Silvo is one.

Kodi is a standalone product, and does not need support software. Media Managers simply try to emulate what Kodi does.
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I don't think Media Center Master and kodi are compatible because both are independently developed, each has a strong point, but combining with each other is impossible.
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