Request -  Music: Write ratings directly to file
I would like to request a feature that enables Kodi to write a rating directly to the music file.

Most of us who import the music into Kodi will already have rated a good part outside of Kodi. Music files are ideally consctructed in a way that metadata is stored directly in the files, many conventions exist for this. The idea behind that is that music files are somthing the user will carry with them on different devices. For that reason, storing music tags like rating in a separate database should be considered as an alternative only, but not as the primary solution.

Once music files have been imported into Kodi, users will start listening and rating their music there. But the basic idea that music files are considered highly portable remains. So a solution that either lets ratings be written directly to the file (problematic, because it may have to be done after the file is released) or at least allows to sync rating tags from the database with the files would be most welcome.

Thanks for considering!
It's always been the case that we do nothing to alter the media files themselves so there is no risk of Kodi doing something to corrupt the media files.
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