Keep getting kicked out of Kodi
i have the new A5X MAX,after downloading kodi,no icon appeared,i tryed a new launcher,now i get kicked out of kodi and the box reboots or takes me back to the home page,whats the fiz for this ?thanks
Sorry, there is no crystal ball here. We'll need more information, such as a debug log (wiki).
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I have exactly the same problem. Did you find any solution yet ?
Please note post #2 and check Log file/Advanced (wiki)
Hello Sir. After a lot of search i found what was wrong. The TV Box had Pre-installed Kodi 18 beta 3. And there was no icon at home page of the TV-BOX. So, when i was trying to set up the Kodi with a build, i always came to dead end.
Solution --> Reset Tv-Box . Start kodi (from the settings ->apps of the TV-BOX), and after update the Kodi to RC5. Install the Build of my choice. Everything is ok now except the point that i can't add Kodi shortcut to the "home page" of the TV-BOX but i understand that it has nothing to do with the kodi it'self and this forum.

So, thank you for your attention.
And if you're messing around with builds and so gambling with all sorts of associated issues and network/malware risks then you're on your own anyway.

We offer no support for them as you never know what the hell you're actually installing and what may be being put in without you realising (not to mention their tendency to be stuff full of banned addons (wiki) anyway).
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you 've got right on this ! Thanks for the warning ! Smile
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Keep getting kicked out of Kodi00