Database cleanup utility
I was having considerable delays with Media Library Clean ups, upwards of 15 to 30 minutes to clean, when I happened across this little add-on gem:

Cleanup time went from 30 minutes to less then 30 seconds.

What would it take to make this add-on part of Kodi official? It's VERY useful, and as others have mentioned in it's thread, many feel it should be part of Kodi core.

It's an add-on, it's available in the official repository. Mind you, not everyone has a video/music library with thousands of entries that has picked up slack for a couple of years. If necessary, people can install a database cleaner and use it.

I'm not saying Kodi doesn't need such a tool at all, but there are more ways than one in keeping a tidy setup. Like having Kodi clean up better after itself in the first place, so additional tools are less necessary. Which basically implies more sophisticated coding. Who knows what can be done for Kodi 19 M.?
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I'm searching for this addon but i can't find it at the official repositories. What am i doing wrong?
These add-ons access the database directly, which is not allowed for add-ons in the official repo.

There are a few threads in the program add-ons section of the forum for such add-ons, but they are in 3rd party repos rather than the official one. Check there for what is on offer and how to install them.
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Which brings us back to the question of perhaps a better media cleanup process for Kodi?
Would it be possible for the Kodi devs to adopt that add-on (with the original developers permission of course) make this an official add-on/option? Or adopt parts of that addon and make it part of the Media Cleanup section?

As I mentioned, it makes Media cleanup exponentially faster when run.
I have old TV show episodes listed in my log file that I deleted a month or so ago. Is there any add0on I can use that would just clean the DB and not interfere with my files?


An option to exclude sources from cleanup would be good too similar to the option for scanning.
That would speedup cleanup process a lot and useful for external hdd's too.
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