Rename double File Extension in TMM
I'm using TMM for renaming my movie files for VMC (enigma mediaplayer addon) a long time now and it helped me a lot.

But one thing that I didn't get managed, is the auto-renaming of files with a double extension.
VMC is generating a .vmc file where the tmdb ID is saved in. The hole filename is then for example "Moviename.mkv.vmc".
In TMM I then added ".mkv.vmc" in filetypes, but then TMM removes the movie extension, so that only ".vmc" is the only one extension. Changing the filetype entry to ".vmc" has the same result.

Is there a solution or any hint for my problem?

You clearly should not add such metafiles as video file types! It will get a mess...
You are probably not doing this within Kodi either...

Can you upload such vmc file somewhere?
tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
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It's just a simple text file. It is located in the same folder as the movie and has to be named exactly like the movie filename.

Here is an example.
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Rename double File Extension in TMM00