[Question] Movie NFO Format Option - Which to choose?
Just about to do a big library update of my NFO files.

I have multiple systems using Kodi and some run v16.1 due to hardware limitations and layout preferences etc and others run v17.6.

My question is, there are three different NFO format settings under Movies>General>NFO Format
  • Kodi
  • Kodi / XBMC <v16
  • MediaPortal
I have googled it and searched the forum, I think I have found that Kodi changed something after v16 to do with movie set layout of an NFO file?

But not definitive explanation on the three options, so I just wanted to ask the differences? and if it will affect me running multiple versions of Kodi?

Also may seem even more silly by 16.1 is above version 16 so either way I should choose "Kodi" as my option correct?
you will probably use the new Kodi format - this is state of the art for a few versions now Wink
the XMBC format is a legacy one for rather old XBMC/Kodi versions and/or other tools which rely on the old XBMC format
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