Remotexbmc1.5 - Stable Version For Xbmc
yep it does..
dont know, if the sensivity problem is back (a bit).
but all other things are working fine now, with this corrected keymap.xml

Does "Title" now works?
ok cool ! thank you.No problem with the title ?
you have to use the corrected keymap.xml (Fullscreen), then title and info does work as it should
mode2006 Wrote:ok cool ! thank you.No problem with the title ?

No not work for me, which Keyemulation do you use{Apps}?
i have update the file ,I do not know if it's good

The button right is the correct key for emulation "Title"
XBCD RC Client call it "VK_APPS"
Mdr thank for the picture ! ok re re update the file is ok with info and title. Rofl
YES NerdNerd Now it works perfect like XBMC on the XBOX.

I have made a new keymap.xml it´s the same like the old, nut with the: remote, gamepad, and joystick parts do you want it?
yes yes i want ! thank you Nod
Ok here is the link:

Only the Keyboard parts are modified. It´s from Rev13239, the MD5 checksum from the original file is "EBDEF5089B53A6110B10FB7A73BA3F9A". Is there a newer Version from XBMC and the Checksum from the keymap.xml is the same you can bes sure Remotexbmc1.5 will 100% work.
Works well. I haven't tested all functions yet but BACK and TITLE are correct in video now.

Many thanks.

This does not work for me, it wont install.

1) Unzip files into C:\install.
2) Plug in Xbox to USB adaptor & Xbox IR device
3) Windows detects USB device, point install to C:\install

At first it would not install as it was looking for a XBCDrc.sys file, this was corrected by installing XBCDRCv028.exe.

4) Windows installs two devices, both are HID related. But a 3rd device it cannot find the proper drivers for. Install fails. Device sits in DevMan as USB Device (Yellow!) in the Other Devices section.

This occurs on WinXP SP2 (Older existing install that I originally tried to run Media Portal on, so it has almost all the latest drivers, codecs, patches, Dot Net, etc, etc). Same thing occurs on a clean install of WINMCE with bare minimum installed (mobo, display, hdtv qam card, autoGK, nothing else).

I have several systems, ill try on a another.
Yeah the same thing happens on two other similar systems (AMDx2's) as well as on an older celeron laptop.

What am I missing here as a required component for install?
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Remotexbmc1.5 - Stable Version For Xbmc00