Rip CDs/DVDs in Kodi?
I'm new to Kodi and somewhere in the Wiki I read that when an Audio-CD is inserted, the left-sided options menu would allow one to choose betweeen playing and ripping the CD. However, I only have the option of playing... Same would be great for DVDs. If the option exists, would the ripped media automatically be integrated into the library?

We want to reduce our DVD/CD library due to space issues and it would be great if we could do it directly via Kodi (in a wife-compatible way :-)
Kodi still has the CD ripper, but it has not been looked at by developers for years, and has become a legacy feature as per Kodi 17. Dedicated ripping tools will simply get you faster and easier MP3 files.

Ripping audio CD's you can do with tools like Exact Audio Copy, as it has built-in CDDB support. That info will be place into the MP3 files, which then can be read by Kodi when scraping/reading your MP3 collection. Kodi itself adds no CDDB content.

Ripping DVDs is a bit trickier, as there are various protection techniques to circumvent. You could though try Handbrake for starters.
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Thanks. I know ways of how to do it on Windows outside of Kodi. I just had hoped for a solution where you could just put an Audio-CD / DVD in the drive and press a button in Kodi-Interface and it is automatically ripped and integrated into the library.

Maybe this is a naive question: I would assume that there are command line tools (or GUI tools which can be called by the command line with parameters or setting-files) to do the ripping. Is it possible to add functions to Kodi by adding menu items which just point to Windows scripts /batch files?

Also something I don't know yet: If something is added to a source folder, does Kodi detect this automatically, or does one have to do a manual update? Because one could run a script which copies the output files into a source folder...
Ripping is one thing, placing the ripped files into a permanent location is the next challenge. Because once Kodi has added them to its music library, they basically cannot be moved anymore.

With using batch files, you can do a number of things via a 'kodi-send' command: kodi-send --host= --port=9777 --action="Quit"
For libraries, there are these commands:
Added files to the libraries is best done after as many of your CDs have been scraped.

Kodi does not auto-detect changes in folders. I would require a 24/7 scanning of one or more drives, which would basically render the hibernate mode of NAS'es or drives useless.
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Thanks for the reply. Seems the best is to do it outside of Kodi, but to automatize it as much as possible so that my wife can use it as well (preferentally just with the remote control, we have a Harmony Elite).

BTW, I didn't find anything related to your 'kodi-send' example, but that's ok. I probably won't spend so much time on this to get into programming a new system...
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