Kodi Windows Mysql keeps resetting content
i have has a mysql set up on windows for years now but recently the main kodi server keeps randomly resetting content on certain sources. I then have to right click the source and set content again every couple of weeks.

my set up is Windows 7 x64 (server on 24/7) and the clients are mainly nvidia shields and they all connect fine when the content is there. 

The sources are all set up on the server as follows: <source>
            <name>Movies 3</name>
            <path pathversion="1">smb:// 3/</path>

but occasionally the content resets to 'none' but the source itself remains intact. 

any ideas what may cause this? It is easy enough to set the content again but then my watch history is all reset on certain movies and tv shows etc.

I have the same issue running kodi on a nvidea shield and the mysql database on a qnap NAS. Even the database was gone. This setup was running great for years - any idea what might have caused this behaviour?
It’s just happened to me again after leaving the room for 30 minutes. I went to resume a tv series and the content has reset in one of the drives.

The source is still showing but content back to nothing.
(2019-01-16, 23:23)johnmerrick Wrote: It’s just happened to me again after leaving the room for 30 minutes
Sounds like your Kodi setup is haunted. Sorry, but Kodi does not do any thing on its own when it comes to add/remove/alter contents of video sources.

Can we have a debug log (wiki) for starters, perhaps there are odd things to spot.
Got a Kodi problem? Provide us with a full Debug log (wiki) || Usefull pages: First time user (wiki) || Troubleshooting (wiki) || Free content (wiki) || Forum rules (wiki) || VPN policy (wiki)
I’ll enable the debug and get back to you

I have just had to set the content again on 6 different sources on different drives. Some unaffected. Strange.

Edit; what’s strange is after rescanning the reset sources just now my watched status was saved.
the paste websites are saying my kodi log is too large.

is there a way around this?

i have done a fresh reinstall of kodi on the server and added the sources again. only problem now is it's not scanning properly. here is my latest debug

This has happened again after a brand new install (18 Leia)
It has to by a mysql error and it only drops the tv folders as content and i have to rescan them in.
Is it best to do a reinstall of mysql? What server number is best? Or can o just update it?
MySQL/Setting_up_MySQL (wiki)
As of January 2019, this is MySQL in at least version 5.6 or MariaDB in at least version 5.5.

I would check your version first
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