Kodi volume keeps resetting
I'm trying to use kodi debian 17.6 in Ubuntu 18.04 with pulseaudio, but I find that after a few minutes the application volume is being reset to 50% 
I don't have any controllers plugged in and my config file already has flat-volumes = no.

Grateful for any assistance.
Debug Log and wait until it happens, please. Someone is doing it, cause we for sure don't do it ourselves :-)

And: 17.6 is out of support -> only v18 bugs are accepted.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
Interesting, thanks. I shall attempt an upgrade and then see what happens.
Hi again

I'm on the kodi website now and it says the recommended version is 17.6 and v18 is a pre-release build which might be unstable. So how come 17.6 is out of support? 

v17.x (Krypton) will not have any new versions released - the next release version will be 18.0 (Leia).

So what we ask is if issues are found in Krypton, to test in a Leia version as many issues have already been resolved there, and if the found issue is also in Leia that's where it will be fixed.

By "Out of Support" we mean that there won't be any changes made to Krypton now, as Leia is very close to release anyway (we're towards the end of the release candidate stage, which is the last one before full release).
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