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Hello Kodi experts!
I apologize for posting on an old thread, but I looked for any recent discussion regarding the RX 560 GPU and there were none Sad 
I am trying to negotiate to get an RX560 2GB for cheap to upgrade my HTPC and I was hoping someone would tell me if I'll be able to run 4k HEVC content at 30fps with everything out of the box? Or do I need to learn some new things like "madvr" and "external players" and "tone mapping" (I've been reading through the GT 1030 thread cos that was another option I might be able to get for cheap).
I am very willing to learn how to do all of it, if i need to.
I am already running Kodi v18 RC4 with a very low-spec GPU (GT210) and it plays my 1080p content fine ... but I'd like to upgrade so I can watch 4k
From the RX560 spec, it says HDMI 2.0 , and from the loads of gaming info (..I'm not a gamer and don't intend to run games on this PC), the RX560 seems like a big step up from the 1030 in it's performance.

The thread you posted in revolves around a specific issue with 4K and subtitles. Your question is more or less hardware oriented and best handled in the hardware area of our forum and would get more attention from knowledgeable users in this area.

[PatK] moving this as a new thread in that forum.
Thanks PatK!
Ok, so I bought the used RX560 2GB this morning and I have at least managed to get successful 4k playback from a few demo (jelly fish) videos... After going in circles for a bit because the HDMI cable I had wasn't able to handle 4k 60Hz.
Ok, so Warner306 advised me to read the following thread to understand how to play 4k with HDR10...
Looks like a good tip, but it is using an external player, I've been toying with the idea of a RX850 myself but the gfx industry is still optimizing for miners and 3D gamers and I'm not impressed. ATM: I'm good with 1080p although h265 is best handled by a lighter player, and this is with a 10 year old card. You may find a better solution in these forums, just a matter of digging in.

Let us know how it goes, limitations and work rounds.
Are you playing this content with MPC-BE or MPC-HC? The default madVR settings should do the job. Can you take a picture of the OSD (Ctrl + J) and post it here?
If these are 4K HDR demos, the file could be an unsupported codec like VP9. I wouldn't worry as much about demos if you are intending to play 4K movies. They are all 24 fps.
The jellyfish demos are these...
It's bitrate and quality test videos.
Sorry... I thought these were already being used by everyone in the HTPC community.
Anyways, I wasted so much time yesterday not being able to even get the desktop to display at 4k (because of the old HDMI cable) that by the time I got home from getting the new cable, I wasn't up for setting up the external player, madvr etc
I just wanted to do a random test with everything out of the box, and I'm happy that it played successfully Smile
I'll setup the external player and madvr later today according to the thread you linked me to.

Big thanks for all the replies so far... Fantastic community, and so much great info.
Kodi's wiki lists a number of test files, if you want to do some video and audio play testing: Samples (wiki)
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