All of a sudden, can't play live streams or recordings.
Have been a faithful user and contributor - running without issues for months.

Not sure why am having problems without changing anything (at least that I'm aware of).

No clients (all Raspberry Pis) can play any live or recorded shows.  They all can still connect to the WMC server, see the lists of recordings, channel guide etc.

When I try to play a live or recorded show, it times out after a few seconds.

I expect somehow permissions got changed (not sure how?  Maybe a windows auto update?) and kodi can no longer access the recorded show directory on the WMC server

  I recently removed Malwarebytes as it was preventing the clients from seeing the server at all after an update - not sure if that's relevant.  verified Windows firewall is turned off

Have tried changing server name to IP, no luck.

How can I debug this??

relevant section of the log file when tryting to play a live stream (there is no entries when I try and play a recorded show):

2019/01/12 16:19:14.896 OpenLiveStream> -----------------start------------------------
2019/01/12 16:19:14.911 OpenLiveStream> client: Kodi^FRoom requesting live stream on channel CNN/100
2019/01/12 16:19:14.942 LiveRemuxStream> live-tv started
2019/01/12 16:19:15.020 SetChannel> Channel: 100 : CNN - E1C8 = { (100 : CNN - 6C1B) + [ 100 : CNN - C8DE, 1541 : CNN - F7202FE, 1541 : CNN - F720427] }
2019/01/12 16:19:15.020 SetChannel> Tuners available for this channel: 12
2019/01/12 16:19:15.020 SetChannel> Tuner DecoyMethod: OnDemand
2019/01/12 16:19:15.020 SetChannel> ---
2019/01/12 16:19:15.020 SetChannel> Attempt: 0,  Tuner: HDHomeRun Prime Tuner 131B9F10-2 / 2d633089-14e1-41b4-84ff-53d62bb98022
2019/01/12 16:19:15.020 SetChannel> > Encrypted: False
2019/01/12 16:19:15.020 SetChannel> > RecorderInfo found: True
2019/01/12 16:19:15.020 SetChannel> > Recorder Content Protection: PROT_COPY_FREE
2019/01/12 16:19:15.161 SetChannel> > Status: Available, client: 
2019/01/12 16:19:15.161 SetChannel>    ***  requested number of available tuners found, stopping search  ***
2019/01/12 16:19:15.161 SetChannel> ---
2019/01/12 16:19:15.161 SetChannel> available tuners found: 1 [decoys:0], requested: 1, searched: 1
2019/01/12 16:19:15.176 SetChannel> Tuner: HDHomeRun Prime Tuner 131B9F10-2 will be used for the live stream
2019/01/12 16:19:17.563 SetChannel> Recorder acquired: True
2019/01/12 16:19:17.594 SetChannel> TuneRequest set
2019/01/12 16:19:17.688 LiveRemuxStream> wtv recording started in 2.75 sec
2019/01/12 16:19:17.688 LiveRemuxStream> stream output file: LiveTV_Kodi^FRoom_Digital Cable_100_2019_01_12_16_19_14.ts
2019/01/12 16:19:17.688 LiveRemuxStream> started remux thread: 'CNN-100:57800'
2019/01/12 16:19:17.797 Remux::ctor> input settings:
2019/01/12 16:19:17.797  >  Search packet data for detailed stream info on all streams: False
2019/01/12 16:19:17.797  >  Process only audio streams: False
2019/01/12 16:19:17.797  >  Drop all video streams from output if found: False
2019/01/12 16:19:17.813 Remux::Start> Starting descriptor scan...
2019/01/12 16:19:17.860 Remux::FindDescriptors> Forcing detailed stream info analysis: False
2019/01/12 16:19:17.860 Remux::FindDescriptors> Scanning wtv for streams...
2019/01/12 16:19:19.704 Parse> Guid: 0 took 1.70 sec, it was attempted 123 times
2019/01/12 16:19:19.764 Parse> Next 4 Guids: 0.06 sec, 0.00 sec, 0.00 sec, 0.00 sec, 
2019/01/12 16:19:19.774 Parse> Language 'eng' for stream Id 10
2019/01/12 16:19:19.774 Parse> Language 'spa' for stream Id 11
2019/01/12 16:19:19.794 WaitUntilTrueOrTimeout> remux data found
2019/01/12 16:19:20.644 Parse> Total Descriptor parse time: 2.64 sec
2019/01/12 16:19:20.644 Pass Type: 'Descriptor':
2019/01/12 16:19:20.644  >  WtvToPesDemuxer:Tonguearse> total guid headers processed: 500  (Min:500 - Max:2,000)
2019/01/12 16:19:20.644  >  WtvToPesDemuxer:Tonguearse> total data packets processed: 97
2019/01/12 16:19:20.674 Remux::FindDescriptors> wtv scanned (2.81 sec), Streams found: 
2019/01/12 16:19:20.674  >  Audio: ID:10 (eng) ac3
2019/01/12 16:19:20.674  >  Audio: ID:11 (spa) ac3
2019/01/12 16:19:20.684  >  Video: ID:12 mpeg2video MP-ML 720x480i fps: 30000/1001 AR: 4:3 (PTS_not_mono)
2019/01/12 16:19:20.684 Remux::FindDescriptors> ended successfully.
2019/01/12 16:19:20.694 GetLinearStream> Stream used: ID:10 (eng) ac3
2019/01/12 16:19:20.704 Remux::Start> Starting data remux...
2019/01/12 16:19:20.734 WriteChunk> first output file write occurred
2019/01/12 16:19:20.744 LiveRemuxStream> 'ts' file created, size: 163,840 in 3.06 sec
2019/01/12 16:19:20.744 LiveRemuxStream> total time: 5.80 sec
2019/01/12 16:19:20.754 OpenLiveStream> stream path returned to client: smb://xbmc:****@ TV/TempSWMC/LiveTV_Kodi^FRoom_Digital Cable_100_2019_01_12_16_19_14.ts
2019/01/12 16:19:20.754 OpenLiveStream> -----------------done-------------------------
2019/01/12 16:19:20.804 Finished request OpenLiveStream in 5.94s
2019/01/12 16:19:20.864 Received client request: FRoom||StreamStartError|smb://xbmc:****@ TV/TempSWMC/LiveTV_Kodi^FRoom_Digital Cable_100_2019_01_12_16_19_14.ts
2019/01/12 16:19:20.864 StreamStartError> client 'Kodi^FRoom' reports error opening stream, will close stream down
2019/01/12 16:19:20.864 StreamStartError> client 'Kodi^FRoom' path to stream file: 'smb://xbmc:****@ TV/TempSWMC/LiveTV_Kodi^FRoom_Digital Cable_100_2019_01_12_16_19_14.ts'
2019/01/12 16:19:20.864 StreamStartError> client 'Kodi^FRoom' calling CloseStream
2019/01/12 16:19:20.874 Remux::Stop> stop remux requested
2019/01/12 16:19:20.884 WtvToPesDemuxer:Tonguearse> Guid header detects stream end
2019/01/12 16:19:20.884 Pass Type: 'Remux':
2019/01/12 16:19:20.884  >  WtvToPesDemuxer:Tonguearse> total guid headers processed: 609
2019/01/12 16:19:20.884  >  WtvToPesDemuxer:Tonguearse> total data packets processed: 120
2019/01/12 16:19:20.884 Remux> ENDED, >>>>>>>>>> Run Time: 0.00 min <<<<<<<<<<
2019/01/12 16:19:20.894 LiveRemuxStream::Close> remux stopped successfully
2019/01/12 16:19:20.954 DeleteTS> ts file size: 557,056
2019/01/12 16:19:22.194 LiveRemuxStream::Close> ts file deleted: E:\Recorded TV\TempSWMC\LiveTV_Kodi^FRoom_Digital Cable_100_2019_01_12_16_19_14.ts
2019/01/12 16:19:22.194 RecordToWTV::Close> isPassive is False => COM recorder will be stopped
2019/01/12 16:19:22.437 LiveRemuxStream::Close> wtv closed successfully
2019/01/12 16:19:22.500 LiveRemuxStream::Close> wtv file size: 1,835,008 (0x1C0000)
2019/01/12 16:19:22.500 LiveRemuxStream::Close> wtv file deleted: E:\Recorded TV\TempSWMC\LiveTV_Kodi^FRoom_Digital Cable_100_2019_01_12_16_19_14.wtv
2019/01/12 16:19:22.500 LiveRemuxStream::Close> closed in 1.63 sec
2019/01/12 16:19:22.500 Close> closed stream for client: Kodi^FRoom
2019/01/12 16:19:22.500 Finished request StreamStartError in 1.64s
2019/01/12 16:19:33.607 Received client request: FRoom||GetResumePosition|10977524412904951
2019/01/12 16:19:33.607 Finished request GetResumePosition in 0.00s
2019/01/12 16:20:09.908 Received client request: Theater||GetSeriesTimers
So after 40 posts, have you still not noticed the "Do not post logs in the forum. Use https: // instead." remark?
Also, what if the real relevant section of the log file is not in your post? Always provide FULL log files. Via a pastebin website. Thx.
Got a Kodi problem? Provide us with a full Debug log (wiki) || Usefull pages: First time user (wiki) || Troubleshooting (wiki) || Free content (wiki) || Forum rules (wiki) || VPN policy (wiki)
Your right that the cause of the problem is that kodi running on your clients can no longer access the rec TV folder.  Something must have changed, likely on your server.  There may be a clue if you post the entire swmc log (on, don't post it here).
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
OK - Here is the full log after a restart - attemp to play a live stream is at the end

ifaguyizek (paste)

Any help appreciated
I don't see any issue in the log, so no help there.  Can you access the rec tv folder using the file manager in kodi?
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
No, not in any way I've found - not through browsing via SMB, or putting in the server info and credentials.

The server does not show up in the SMB home group if that matters - not sure it ever did.

Another piece of info is there is a "cannot find recorded TV folder" or similar error dialog when the Kodi client starts up.

If there's a specific way to test the browsing from the file manager, pls advise ...

As I said, it seems something must have changed in the permissions or access, but I can't figure it out.

Or maybe has there been a change to how SMB works in windows 7?
From recall (I may have some details wrong): File manager> add source>windows SMB share.  Then enter your shared recorded tv folder and the same login credentials you set in swmc.  If it doesn't work there, then it won't work in swmc either.

Another thought: have you thought about doing system restore on your server back to a time when it was working?
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
When I try to browse to the server it keeps requesting username/pwd as if it's getting rejected.

Is there a Kodi log somewhere I can pull that might shed some light?

I can look into the rollback, not sure if it's being automatically checkpointed and backed up.

Does the windows workgroup setting matter at all?  Are there other windows-level security configs (ala windows firewall) I should check to see what might be in the way?

Just frustrating that it stopped working after being set-and-forget for so long

Thanks for the help.
This happened to me yesterday too, on my win7 server.  I used system restore to put it back to what it was before the update and now all is well.  You can read about it here:
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
Noticed this same thing today. Cannot access recordings folder on boot but guide data and recordings load. Cannot watch live TV or recordings.

I resolved it by sharing the Public Recorded TV folder with everyone (Full Access) and unchecking the credentials in the ServerWMC on the Folders tab. Unfortunate these security updates force us to end up with less security.
same situation here - same solution which of course is horrible. Still unclear what caused the situation - only affects non-windows Kodi clients - the windows ones worked just fine...
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