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Apologies for asking such a basic question but I can't find a simple words-of-one-syllable solution anywhere.  I have LibreELEC/Kodi installed on a hard disk in a PC.  There is no other operating system.  Also installed is a second hard drive which contains some media files which I'd like to copy to the TV Shows folder on the main HDD.  I'm using a Hewlett Packard PC remote.

I can access File Manager and can navigate to the various files on the second drive which I want to copy.  I can open the context menu (by pressing DVD Menu on the remote).  I can select Copy from the menu.  But I can't see how to proceed from there.

I suspect I'm missing something really straightforward and probably extremely obvious.  But what is it?  I'd be grateful for any pointers in the right direction.  Many thanks.
If you want to copy something from location "a" (the source) to location "b" (the destination), make sure, you have location "a" visible on the left side of the filemanager and location "b" on the right side. Then copying files should work.

So simply navigate to the destination folder on the right side of the filemanager to tell the filemanager where the files should be copied to.
Thanks, but how do I do the actual copying?  I looked for a Paste option but couldn't see one or anything like it.

Edited to add:

Aha!  I've found it.  With the destination selected on the right hand side, simply pressing Copy starts the process and brings up a confirmation message.  So simple - once you know.
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Thanks for the link but I did in fact read that article before I posted my question here.  Nowhere does it give the sort of very basic step-by-step instructions which I was looking for. 

In addition, for a user such as myself, accustomed to Windows, there's no cause to suppose that the  command Copy on its own will be sufficient.   And as if to support that (perhaps because I hadn't moved the right-hand panel to a different location) selecting a left-hand file and choosing Copy appeared to do nothing whatsoever, hence my (fruitless) search for the equivalent of a Paste command. 

It was only on a later attempt, when I first moved the RH listing to the destination I wanted, that Copy brought up the confirmation dialogue and I finally realised what was happening.
Well, I thought that those 3 images would exactly explain what you have done


But we'll add some info that the actual process of copying files will be done automatically once you hit "Copy" at the context menu.

There's always something to improve Wink
Belated thanks for the reply.  Despite the popular saying, a picture isn't necessarily worth a thousand words!  It can be hard to assess the effectiveness of visual information when you already know what the pictures are meant to convey.

I'm glad you'll be adding some text.
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