how to make kodi save subs for a movie that is on a remote resource

so now I'm running KODI on an Android TV device. My primary use case is browsing family pictures out of my NAS, but from time to time I'd like to watch something out of my old movie collection.

SMB is not working, probably due to some Android related reason. (repeated the same steps and using same account on a KODI installed in Ubuntu works fine). But still I can get the movies play over plain HTTP.

Now to the issue. When I'm using KODI on a Linux box, I can download subs, and they stay available, so when I play the same movie again, subs are already there. When I do the same with Kodi on Android TV, the subs vanish and I have to download them again. 

In bug reporting terms:

- Kodi installed on 2 devices, Android TV and Linux. The Linux box has locally stored movies, Android TV over HTTP.
- opensubtitles installed and configured to download movies.

Steps taken:
- play movie
- use opensubtitles to download subs
- watch movie a bit (subs are there)
- stop the movie
- play the movie again

Expected result:
- the subs will be available

Obtained result:
- Linux installed KODI with local movies - subs are availabe
- AndroidTV - subs are not there, have to download them again.

So the questions are:
- where does KODI store the downloaded subs,
- is it the fault of AndroidTV version?
- is it the fault of the way my movies are made available for AndroidTV? If yes, then how should I make them available for the subs to stay available? SMB does not work in the Google Play version on Xiaomi Mibox S for some reason...
Kodi stores subtitles by default next to the video file.

It's possible that the NAS user that is storing your subtitle files, is different when using either Ubuntu or Android. It also depends on the file protocol (SMB,NFS,FTP,etc).
Check your file rights/permissions of your videos and subtitles on your NAS.
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OK, so I should try a protocol that allows the KODI to write stuff together with the video clips. HTTP obviously does not allow that. Will try and report.
It save subs "next to the video file" on my Raspberry Pi (read: in the same folder). On my Xbox One the subtitle disappears after stopping the video. I have no idea where it is. The setting "keep next to video" is properly set.

[additional info] Both the Pi and the Xbox play my movies from an NFS share on a Linux PC.
[more add. info] Appears to be a rights problem. Even though I did activate it, I do not have the rights to write from the Xbox to the NFS share...

Solution: give write permissions to the group "others" for the shared folder on the Linux PC.
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