Add-on Suggestion about Banned add-ons
Hello is there anything of a Add-on That can check in your kodi-setup for banned if running it to suggest or remove These stuff ,
let me explain.

Personally i`m trying not to use any "Banned" add-ons and try to check every time if i want to install something from the Banned list  so i would not be annoyed by errors or  laws but i got me some friends who don`t care and every time  there is a problem  with there setup i have to come over and correct the mistakes they make and find again and again that  it has some banned add-ons that screwed up there kodi (not always but mostly) so i have to uninstall them and fix it.
Sometimes i need to google stuff again what the problem is but mostly uninstalling  that specific add-on did the trick .
so is it not a good idea to make an legal add-on to remove them or even better embedded in kodi it self so i don`t have to fix these crap again or atleast a warning add-on X is banned so on your own risc install X and bla bla bla i mean only the "unkown Resource" for 3th party installation is not enough any more , the first thing if a user is going to do is putting it "on" and there for screwing up your kodi with a lot of questions "my kodi is not working" .
Also if i go thru the forums when i look for problem solving  the devs/members are saying "first remove your banned add-ons" before we can help u. 
this  add-on can be very useful for devs and users to make a hard decision oke i have run add-on first and here is my log so u can first. see what was on it when it is fixed so devs could pinpoint if a banned add-on was the problem second. if 1 does not apply  u have a clean kodi with no banned ad-ons an now we can help you better.
A direct button for bugs so the log would be send automatic to the people who can fix your problems instead of going to the forums or even that the log can be seen on the forums so others can help but only if u used the anti-Banned-addon or combination
it even could be good thing make your kodi choose a setup for your specific device so caches can be regulated for high , medium or low devices ...but i`m jumping ahead hehehe .
the main thing is that i think that  a anti-Banned-addon would be very usefull.

Let me know what u think.

Things are pretty simple:

We are not going to tell people what they should do or should not do. And we are certainly not going to add a policing add-on to automagically remove add-ons based on a (very incomplete and volatile) list of banned add-ons.
As per our forum ruless (wiki), Team Kodi simply chooses to NOT give tech support to people when they have one or more banned add-ons installed on their Kodi device(s).

If we were to embed something into Kodi, it would be removed quickly enough in the first place by other people who create their own (not so legal) compilings of Kodi, simply because the source code of Kodi is open-source. Available for everyone to fork.

So no, such an add-on is not going to happen. You can tell your friends that you're done with their crappy Kodi setups.
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WEll...that is very clear .. on the one hand they are still my frends so i got almost the same policy as u like i`m not going to tell what they should do or not but  on the other hand i could give them an alternative that If there kodi is "infected " again then i`m thru with it . Thought it was a good suggestion but still thx for the rapid reply and keep up the good work
I would just use the same policy with regards to friends that just dont care.

Fine, but neither do i. Reinstall and learn from it...
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