Raspberry Pi 3+, Kodi Leia and Mediaportal
Hi all,

I really need to know if anyone has the above 3 working together with RTSP live TV.
I'm experiencing a lot of buffering in Leia when using TSREADER without RTSP on any multi-seat clients (Recordings work fine). Another post notes that you shouldn't use TSREADER without it in a multi-seat environment.
I cannot get RTSP working on any of my clients (Windows10 and Raspberry Pi 3+ Libreelec) and also on the server itself (Single-Seat) with Kodi 18 Leia.

Is RTSP now defunct in Kodi Leia?

I am using the latest builds of each, and willing to provide Logs etc.
OK,  so thought I'd just try and get Kodi 18RC5.2 x64 working with 3.5.15 MediaPortal Client Addon in TSREADER RTSP mode.

This is also from the same machine, Ie - Kodi and Mediaportal running on my HTPC.

MediaPortal 2.2 Final, with TVServerKodi plugin.

Logs: KodiIssues

So in Kodi, when I select the channel from the guide, I receive no video or audio and it returns to the guide straight away.

I can however, telnet to the local IP of, port 9596, start a telnet session and view the RTSP stream in VLC without issues.
I can also, and have been running Kodi in TSREADER form without RTSP for some time, and it works a treat. 

The reason I'm trying to run in RTSP mode, is that I cannot get my Raspberry Pi 3+ to work at all well with MediaPortal in a muti-seat environment. Hence the reason to test RTSP locally.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, It would be appreciated.
Thanks for letting me know. I can confirm that TSReader in RTSP mode is currently broken for v18 Leia. I've already pushed a first fix to get the playback working again.
However, but I saw that pause and seeking are also broken, so I need to dive into the code again to figure out why...
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
Thanks Margo really appreciate it as Mediaportal is by far the best back-end. Should we definitely be using RTSP for multi-seat clients over LAN?
Hi @margro, do you have an ETA on the 3.5.17 Leia build, as I presume you have fixed the hang with Pause over RTSP?
Hi All,

I'm having a slow response time when setting a recording thru the kodi tv guide, the recording will set but it takes a long time(1min+ now) for the little clock to appear confirming the recording has set.
This can result in pressing the record again, and getting 2 recordings..
Is anyone else seeing this, if not its probably something ive done... I'm seeing the issue with windows and libreelec. using mp 2.2 with plugin  v1.20.0.140

Kind Regards


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Raspberry Pi 3+, Kodi Leia and Mediaportal0
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