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I know some members have got LiveXBMC to work (kudos to xfaethorx! Who got it running on a 701) but I can't get the latest one running on my Asus Eee PC 900.

Has anyone managed it? I managed to boot to X once and got no screen found over and over again. Most of the time when I do boot it stalls at the splash screen.

I renamed RestrictedDrivers.img to ResDrivers.img to no improvement. Any other tips, plop a xorg.conf on the root of the USB? Tweak the boot parameters?

Sorry if it sounds futile getting it running on such a low spec PC but it would be a nice little replacement for my Xbox in the living room. The Xbox keeps turning itself on randomly and is a noisy sod. The Eee PC is almost silent even with the fan running.
aww shucks thanks for the kudos but it really wasn't a big thing Big Grin

I had a brief issue recently when updating where after it built i wouldn't start properly
and If it did start it would take an age for a key press to respond.

I bit the bullet and flattened the BUILD dir and the backup BUILD dir, cleaned the build completely and built from scratch.

It worked fine then bar for a slight issue with it going fullscreen which i still have , from reading on here that seems to be an issue caused by various things (compiz etc).

Anyway after I rebuilding it everything worked fine. Sure I had to configure my shares etc again but thats no big problem.

I'm writing this whilst listening to MP3's via XMBC running on my eee (with projectM running). So I can confirm that it'll build and run.

My eee specs are

asus eee 701 2GB RAM 4GB DISK 4GB SDHC .
Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04
XBMC is built under /home/xfaethorx/XBMC
/home is mounted on the SDHC so as not to upset the internal SSD.

my mp3s are on my external 2.5" 120GB HDD.

I've streamed video to it with success (obviously high def is RIGHT OUT) but i'm yet to play any video from a local drive or USB HDD.

It wont make a good replacement IMHO, fast forwarding video wont be too great for starters. I'm unsure on DVD playback as I'm yet to try that. I shoved XBMC onto the eee as an experiment and on the off chance that it did work that i'd have a media centre along with everything else i use my eee for (usenet grabber (usb hdd grab), webserver, file store etc etc etc).

Have you run any ubuntu tweak scripts , have you made sure your running the right intel video drive etc?
xfaethorx Wrote:It worked fine then bar for a slight issue with it going fullscreen which i still have , from reading on here that seems to be an issue caused by various things (compiz etc).

About this issue, I found a work arround to have the Fullscreen working properly with compiz enable that is to disable the indirect-rendering option in compiz settings (under the general options) .
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just a little addition to this , I recently re-installed ubuntu 8.04 (hardy heron) onto a 16gb SDHC and reinstalled XBMC. This way theres nothing on the internal SSD the entire O/S lives on the card.

Once again there were no problems, it runs perfectly of the SDHC card (i know coz I'm listening to music through it now Wink ). Also the compiz fullscreen issue went away when i did a full re-install. It may have come from me using a release candidate of hardy originally.

So for anyone with an eee you can run it perfectly from the internal SSD or the SDHC Wink.

II'm looking forward to getting my hands on either a 901 or 1000 so I can run it on that too Big Grin.

Ive got xbmc running on my eeepc (701) using the instructions on lifehacker for a bootable usb drive etc. It runs fine but how do I access files that are on a sd card in the eee orconnect to a external hdd?

I'm a newbie to linux but would love to be able to try it with files on the sd card that I have in my eee?

Any help greatly appreciated!!
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