best set-up with 2 HTPC?

I have 2 HTPC (LibreElec) at home, each with their own storage, and hosting the same media files (purpose is to have media files somehow backed up)
Ember Media is running on a pc, and is connected to HTPC #1.
When new media files are scrapped with EMM, i copy the folder to HTPC #2, where Kodi is set to use local media files instead of scrapping from some other places. So basically i have same media artwork on both HTPC.

However I noticed that on HTPC #2, movie artwork like clearlogo is not displayed at all like when i pause a movie for instance, while it is in HTPC #1. I don't see what i am missing, can anyone please help?

Also, is there a way also to use MovieSet artwork on HTPC #2 as it is set-up by EMM in HTPC#1? in HTPC#2, MovieSet artwork is just the same as Artwork from first movie in the set.

Overall, is there a better set-up to use EMM with 2 HTPC (and again, i know it's possible to have the media file in one machine only used as source, but in my case i want to have them stored in another machine as a way of backing them up).

Thanks, help much appreciated!
Getting into monologue mode: I found out yesterday it's possible to create different profiles in EMM. I have created one for each HTPC, i'll have to do dual maintenance but i accept to pay that price as a consequence of having duplicated media files. I leave the thread opened until i'll come back here to confirm everything is working as i expect it, including display of movieset fanart, and movie fanart like clearlogo when movies are put on pause.
I know people like to use the sync to Kodi option in Ember but if you just install 258886 (thread) and have it set to only use local files you should be fine.
thanks, will try during the week end :-)
We have 3 HTPC's in the house with the movies hosted from a shared server (and backup to NAS). Why not just set up Kodi with MySql and let one of the boxes be the "server". Then you can back up to the secondary box if you want, but still use the primary one for hosting it to the second one when watching movies. I would think it was easier that way.
Hi Chrolm, thanks for your suggestion, actually i never considered that, i will look into it. Found some guidance on the forum, i think that's what I'll look into...
One practical question, so it means you have to manually switch on your server first (unless you have it running 24/7), and then your HTPC? Or is there a way to trigger and wake up your server when you switch your HTPC on? thanks
There should be a wake up option in the KODI settings somewhere. I do remember it having it at some point. Go explore.
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Wake_on_lan (wiki)
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