Closed Captioning gets 'stuck' on first line
Closed captioning on certain channels gets 'stuck' during regular programming. When I select certain channels, if the video starts during the program itself then I will see only the first line of closed captioning which stays there until I stop the channel/playback. If I happen to start the video during a commercial that itself transmits captions, the captioning works correctly and continues to work correctly through the program. Notable examples include the ABC channels (ABC broadcast, Freeform, UPtv) and Turner channels (TBS, TNT). CBS channels have not shown this problem.

I recall some discussions here about the closed captioning being encoded into the NTSC stream but something in Kodi doesn't handle it correctly, as if there were some initialization command embedded in the stream that is missed or ignored when the video starts displaying.

Regular Kodi 17.6 Krypton on Windows 10 with NPVR and plugins installed. NextPVR to HDHomeRun is my TV backend.
Next time, simply ask to have your thread moved to the appropriate forum section before starting to double-/crosspost your post all over the forum. Thanks.
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First thing I looked for on the page; there's no mechanism, like a button, to move the post. Also I noticed no instruction on the submit page to contact an admin to move the post. Locating and bugging an admin seemed more of a negative action than just repeating the post in the better forum.

That said and hopefully out of the way, do you have any suggestions for addressing/solving the CC behavior?
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Closed Captioning gets 'stuck' on first line00