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Win Testers needed ! - HW video decoding re-work (DXVA2)
These test builds could possibly be unstable. Proceed with caution and always backup your settings!

What is this:
  • These are test builds for anyone who would like to help with testing the HW video decoding re-work on Windows (DXVA2).
  • There is nothing new for Windows 7 users
  • No new features have been added to this version beside the current development done in Kodi nightly builds.
  • Make sure you have the latest driver for your video card installed.
The main aim of this thread is to help identify issue related to the HW video decoding upgrade and not meant for general problems.

How to help:

Please include in your post:
  • Say if this was also an issue in previous builds or not.
  • A full Debug Log posted on or
  • Possible crashlogs uploaded for download. Make sure you have the correct .pdb file placed in the install folder
  • The build date (in the download URL or in system info on Kodi). Specify which one you tried.
  • Details about your system (OS, hardware specs, videocard, driver etc)
  • Steps needed to reproduce the issue: play a movie
  • The more details, the better.
  • You may also provide a sample video which causes an issue

Where to download:
Specific test builds are listed below. Other files in the "test-builds" directory are unrelated to this testing.
Builds will be updated on regular bases. Make sure you always try the most current one listed below before reporting problems.

  • v18.1-RC-dxva-x64 Installer (05 February)
  • please also download the .pdb file here, rename it to Kodi.pdb and place it alongside the Kodi.exe inside the installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi). Re-download the correct file each time you are install another test build. This helps us to identify possible crashes.

Example post
  • Hardware: Windows 10 64bit, NVIDIA GT1030, driver-version 400.xx
  • Debug Log:
  • Crashlog: Dropbox lin
  • Description: Video problems while playing back VC-1 files. This did not happen while testing KodiSetup-20190101-xxxxxxx-master.exe
  • Screenshots: Dropbox link
  • How to reproduce: Playing back a VC-1 video file. I have provide a sample file for download.

Any irrelevant post will be removed without notice!


The changes are quite obvious. A re-work HW video decoding implementation.

  • no known issues
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