Potrzebuje starą wersję dodatku PVR VUplus enigma client
Poszukuję starej wersji dodatku enigma client, tak aby działał na kodi 15.2. Niestety nowsze wersje aplikacji Kodi miały problemy na moim sprzęcie. a dodatek PVR Vuplus został chyba usunięty z repo, niestety nowy dodatek E2 Client nie działa na starym kodi Sad

z góry dziękuje za pomoc
Seeking the old version of enigma client so that it works on kodi 15.2. The answer to this question for a given PVR Vuplus add-in has been removed from the repo, unfortunately the new add-on E2 Client does not work on the Old Kodi Smutny

thank you in advance for your help
I would think that would to difficult to find.

Why not just upgrade to kodi 17/18?
Maintainer of Enigma2 PVR addon: repo, docschangelog
How to create a full debug: here
Even if you could source an old version of the enigma client, I personally found that after Kodi 14 (Helix) I experienced huge playback issues using both Kodi 15 and 16 with lots of video stuttering and audio being out of sync with the video. As suggested by @phunkyfish Kodi 17/18 are probably better options.
I've managed to solve the problem. My laptop is 10 years old and older versions of kodi (under 17) have worked better for me. Unfortunately, after uninstalling kodi 18, kodi 16 did not see the PVR VUplus Enigma Client add-on. But I uninstalled kodi 16, deleted all files that were after uninstalling kodi and installed kodi 16 again. missing plugin appeared Smile
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Potrzebuje starą wersję dodatku PVR VUplus enigma client00