v18 Unable to find the "use the channel numbers from the backend" option in Leia RC5
Has this option been relocated or removed?  I am unable to locate it.

If you have more than one PVR add-on installed this setting is not available.
I am thinking this is done to avoid order conflicts between add-ons.
Thanks for responding...however...

I only have one PVR client installed...NEXTPVR.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it...but I have the same result.

I had planned on opening a separate thread for this, but it may be worth noting that I am also unable to find the option "Folder for Channel Icons".

Could these two problems be related?
Something might be wrong with your installation if random menu items have vanished.
At this point I would try with a clean install.
To test,you can rename your storage datafolder to start a vanilla session and see if menu items return.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions, taking care to either delete or rename the Users > Chuck > AppData > Roaming > Kodi folder (I'm running on Windows 10).
I have also tried installing and running Kodi as an Administrator...the results are always the same.
The log file says I am running NextPVR but doesn't reference any other PVR client that I can see.
How can I find out what other PVR clients it thinks I am running?
settings>addons>myaddons>pvr will show all installed pvr clients.
Edit: are you using the default skin?
The setting instruction you provided only shows the external interface of what PVR clients Kodi thinks are installed.  My system only shows NextPVR.  I was hoping for a deeper response.

Yes, I am using the default skin.
If your log shows one pvr that's what you have.
If there's one pvr in settings you have one pvr.
If there's only one pvr in %appdata%/Kodi/addons you have one pvr.
Your issue is something else.
I agree...the issue is something else.
Well, you were right, it was something else.
It turns out, the options I was looking for are on the "Expert" menu...it had been a long time since I made that switch and had forgotten it.
Thanks for trying to help..."Egg on my face"...Chuck
Well, that would explain it indeed. Glad you got it sorted.
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Unable to find the "use the channel numbers from the backend" option in Leia RC500