Duplicate instances of the web interface
Is it possible to run two instances of the web interface on different ports?  I'm sure you're wondering why. 
I want to have one running for normal control, using Chorus 2 and a second one that I can remove all buttons and controls from to be front facing on the internet.  That way I can have a website that shows the cover art, artist art, song progress bar, band name and song name without just anyone logging into that port and controlling my Kodi.  I tried to duplicate and customize that portion of the settings.xml, but I only know enough to really make a mess and Kodi won't start.  I'm testing it on Windows, but want to actually put it into place on OSMC on a Pi.  I have already got it working by embedding the (modified) web interface in an iframe, but the only way I can see to have it show outside my local network is to expose the web interface to the internet.  Obviously that won't work.
Any insight would be very helpful.
You could run a separate web server, and use JSON-RPC to query what you want to display. That would be a heck of a lot easier than making changes to Kodi.
I am already running it on a separate webserver.  I thought I could just embed the web interface into an iframe, using a local IP address and it would display it outwardly.  Obviously that works fine inside my network, but not from outside.  I'm completely new to JSON-API.  Can I find the elements I want to display from the chorus web interface and create something new that would be more secure?  This is what I currently have and I'm happy with the way it works and looks.  It's just not secure. http://theswayproductions.com/Capture.JPG
Kodi's webserver/JSON-RPC API is not very secure. I'd recommend to create a separate web-application that exposes its own API with limited access to Kodi internals.
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