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Important Windows Store v18 update resets my settings
Wow this is pretty messed up.

I'm trying to do fix #2, keeping the UWP v18. I have copied and pasted all the data as instructed. But in Kodi all of my libraries are still empty.

FYI my media is on an attached USB 3.1 drive. I can play media from the Files folder, but none of the Media Sources that I had created can access my media, I see an error "Path Not Found or Invalid".

I see there are 2 options to fix this, using the exe or the UWP version. Which option should make it easiest to get back up and running. I'm very confused now.
Kodi 18.0 on Windows 10 Home, version 1803. Intel NUC7 i5 BNKP, 16GB RAM.
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RE: Windows Store v18 update resets my settings - by citysoundman - 2019-01-30, 06:01

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