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Important Windows Store v18 update resets my settings
I understand things change... but there is expectation management, and ways to properly overcome these difficulties.

Like others - confused why Kodi didn't work tonight... Come to the forums, and find out why and the solution on the first post of this thread. I run multiple Kodi boxes across several OS all pointing to a common SQL database on sinology...  And thank you very much for now wasting my time in this update.

Yes it broke, and the solution of copying files from one directory to another (scenario 2) does not work for me... the installation for SMB did work to see those drives - but it still shows Movies, and TV shows completely empty - even after waiting for the migration of the database to be completed.

The worse thing I ever did was to install the win 10 store app - never again. Every update since its been available has not gone smooth. Throwing it out and going back to an exe version that I can download and control when I want to do the update. When I have time to do it, not a surprise in wasting multiple hours to fix things. If you knew that the windows store app was going to need to copy files - then this should have been included in the installation - proper QA and testing should resolve this surprise ! SO what if its moved to be a common app or MS has changed things - its no damn excuse of proper Quality and Testing.

Even the name of the app / pinned name changed...  I had things set up to automatically run Kodi on windows 10 and to my surprise that stopped - how many other users did little things like that you suddenly broke on us. Some kind of announcement or warning would have been nice. I like others installed the windows store app mis informed or having expectations it would reduce our workload and keep us current... Whenever a new version became available, it would automatically update, making things seemless, reduce our workloads - nirvana ! But no its just a pain now, worthless - would not understand why anyone would want to do this...   Maybe some warnings on the description in the store - stating its going to break and your going to hate it might be best!

Long time Kodi supporter - but you guys dropped the ball. Even as I look at v18 it seems so much slower to startup and do things - Im really starting to think of the word bloatware.
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