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Important Windows Store v18 update resets my settings
(2019-01-30, 19:30)Bilbo430 Wrote:
(2019-01-30, 17:33)jools5000 Wrote: The UWP version is more limited and its fair to say if you want the full features of Kodi and full control of it, then dont use the UWP version. 

Remember you are the commnuty and if you care about Kodi, then if you can please test the betas and particularly the RC versions, reporting any issues

I agree with your points but how are we able to test with the UWP version? I don't think we can, or at least I don't know how... 
Its a bit of a pain as per a lot of Microsoft's APPX packages but the info is here
HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_for_Universal_Windows_Platform (wiki)
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