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Important Windows Store v18 update resets my settings
Not sure if people know this, but that kodi folder is encrypted. And it is encrypted because it's a UWP app, Windows will not let you copy the contents to any other location, at least on Pro versions of Win10. Otherwise if you try, you get a error "Your organization does not allow you to place this file here." or "You don't have access" type message.

Doesn't matter if you take ownership, turn encryption off on the folder (won't let you), boot to safe mode, use robocopy, or a 3rd party tool. Windows 10 has full control and will not allow a copy to be made. I cannot even copy it to the new UWP folder much less a folder the desktop app made. This under the pretense of keeping the apps safe and secure.

Its very frustrating, but its not like we can blame volunteers that put in their own time to create Kodi. I only wish there was some type of notice given for UWP users that the new UWP will not allow access to local drives and you'll lose your library and settings the second you upgrade. That is a pretty big glaring omission that should have been mentioned somewhere.

So this has just put the final nail in the coffin that is the Microsoft Store and its apps. Every single one in there is half baked due to restrictions. Never will use UWP for Kodi again (still love Kodi), way too much control is taken away and for, as far as I can see, zero benefit.

Now back to rebuilding a 12+ TB library, customizations, settings, addons, API keys, jeebus what a mess.

Thank you team kodi for doing what you do. UWP was needed for Xbox, but it really has no place for PCs in general. Just recommend people use the tried and true desktop client instead, since UWP will always be limited with no benefit.
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RE: Windows Store v18 update resets my settings - by Rygrath - 2019-01-30, 23:49

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