Redirect: No Live TV in Leia on Xbox One - Could Samba/SMB be related to the issue?
This post is a redirect of extended discussions concerning an inability of Leia 18 RC 5 (and subsequent releases to date) to play live TV using PVR-WMC and ServerWMC on Xbox One (or other UWP installation).  It is based upon one of the recommendations of krustyreturns, as the main contributor under PVR and Live TV Support/Windows Media Center (WMC). 
While recorded TV is playable, live TV may start but aborts almost immediately.  A full description, prior attempted resolutions, and logs are contained within this thread:  CloseLiveStream immediately follows OpenLiveStream - No Live TV in Leia on Xbox One ( 
There is some speculation that the cause is related to Samba/SMB although the libsmb2 addon, mentioned in several threads, resolves issues with connecting to the host/server, a Win 7 computer, for an original Xbox One, an Xbox One X, and a Windows Store installation of Leia on a SurfaceBook.  If anyone has live TV on an Xbox One using PVR-WMC and ServerWMC on a Win 7 host, it would be good to know.
Any known solution or another look at Samba/SMB from the perspective of live TV in Leia would be greatly appreciated.
Although the debug log is contained within the referenced thread, I thought I would provide an updated one with the most recent UWP Leia 18 RC release for Xbox One.  In the short time the UWP version of Leia was in the Microsoft Store and downloading to other Windows 10 platforms, the issue described here also affected my SurfaceBook installation.  The SurfaceBook now has the 'Bridged' version of Leia and will play live TV, but my Xboxes using the UWP version do not. The description above still applies.  Between the two threads, there are now hundreds of readers. I hope someone has an insight into a solution.

Kodi debug log (2019-02-10):
The automatic install of Leia 18.1 (compiled 2019-02-17) from the Windows Store did not fix live TV on my Xboxes.  There is no change from the previously-reported descriptions in this regard.  Live TV still plays with the Store update to 18.1 on my SurfaceBook (apparently, due to the difference between the UWP and 'Bridge' versions).
I am still hoping for a solution for Live TV in Kodi Leia for Xbox One using PVR-WMC with ServerWMC as referenced above.  From my review of the vfs.smb2 addon on GitHub, I note that the 'supportPort' is set to 'false' (see  At the same time ServerWMC requires a 'Port number for client connections:' with a default value of '9080'.  I have no idea if there is a connection but wonder if 'supportPort' would have to be 'true' for Live TV to function with ServerWMC on Xbox One's UWP Kodi version.
I upgraded my Xbox One to Leia 18.2 as made available through the Microsoft Store.  There is still no live TV using PVR-WMC with ServerWMC as indicated above.  This is incredibly disappointing, and although these posts get plenty of readers, there is no traction on addressing this limitation.   Since a live show will flash for a second, there is obviously a connection; it just will not fully engage.  I suppose a full return to Xbox for Kodi is out of the question at this point in time, and I am not placing any hope in the upcoming Matrix version.

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Redirect: No Live TV in Leia on Xbox One - Could Samba/SMB be related to the issue?0
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