how to stream satellite dish to kodi box

I have satellite dish with coaxial cable to my room and I want the idea how to connect the coaxial cable in my kodi mini pc beelink pro. What do I need in hw and addon?

Thanks for all
You need tuner hardware and PVR-backend (PVR-server) software, see PVR (wiki) and PVR_recording_software (wiki)

You need compatible tuner hardware for your country and tv broadcast format, best lists for those are LinuxTV (V4L-DVB) community wiki, see
Is there any USB tuner for satellite dish can connect with mini pc with addon?
Help us help you, please try do not make it hard to help you. You will actually have to do some research yourself. There are no mind-readers here. Remeber that Kodi is a free software and people in this community help each other for free. Read the wiki and ask more specific questions about what you do not understand, and when you do, volenteer information about your setup and situation without people having to ask or google it for you. Which country are you in? What broadcast format exactly is used in that country? What hardware is in your ”mini pc” and what OS is it running. Please provide even more information than that without having to be asked. Regardless you are going to need to use a PVR-backend (PVR-server) software to interface with the tuner hardware as Kodi does not do that directly for you.
The big things you failed to mention is what kind of satellite dish it is, and where you live.  If, for example, you live in North America and the dish is from Dish, DirecTV, Bell, Shaw, etc. then the short answer is "you can't."  If you're in North America and it's a C-band or Ku-band dish, OR if you live in some other part of the world, then your prospects are brighter.
I am NOT a coder, in fact I am not very comfortable in Linux outside of a GUI. I am just a user of Linux and Kodi (formerly XBMC), as my user name implies.
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