v18 Overscan - Underscan fix (Video Calibration not saved)
I'm using a second monitor with heavy overscan. And I have no option to fix it on my monitor / tv. I'm using that monitor on my linux x64 / ubuntu 18.04 machine (laptop) & with kodi 17 I could fix overscan with video calibration menu - hdmi connected 1920x1080 resolution old TV. - Right now if I use video calibration and fix my overscan than exit kodi and re-start kodi screen calibration is resetting and I'm again seeing very overscanned kodi.

Sorry I opened 3 different thread lately because even simple things in kodi 18 not working on a kodi downloaded from stable repo.
That's a known issue: 15165 (GH issue)

But normally you shouldn't need that setting at all as mostly every TV from the last 10 years is capable of displaying the native resolution. Depending on your TV, take a look at the zoom modes or maybe it has something like a "PC mode" or such.

You could also tell me your TV model and I'll have a look if I can find some manual online.

Anyway, that problem should be fixed at your TV. Not saying that the calibration settings also should be saved. That bug is still valid. Just saying that you shouldn't be in the need of using that. Using the screen calibration inside Kodi is the last resort of nothing else works as it's nothing more than a loss of native resolution. And I guess that's not something you would like to have if it can be avoided Wink
My TV would not have that mode because It's really old flatscreen CRT (15 years old) - It has only  4:3 / 16:9 modes so I'm using 16:9 for kodi & I'm using HDMI to RCA (Scart) Converter. In Windows 7-10 / My graphics card in my pc or laptop itself has overscan fix option but I'm using linux (ubuntu/lubuntu) in my laptop lately and my CRT TV solely used by kodi while I'm working on my first monitor.
I too am impacted. My Toshiba is an HD flatscreen bought in 2007. It has a no overscan mode but resets every time it is shut off, making it very inconvenient to use.

Which TV is it? Please tell me the exact model.

Anyway, the issue should already be fixed

15165 (GH issue)

If you want the version which has that fix then either install a nightly or wait for 18.2 which will include the fix
@DaVu Toshiba 26HL57

See: http://web1.toshiba.ca/support/ceg/manua...HL57_E.pdf

page 31 and 32. Take a look at the note for the "Natural picture size" at the end of page 32:

An unformatted quote:

Native picture size (for HDMI 720p, 1080i and 1080p signal programs sources only)•If receiving a 720p, 1080i or 1080p signal program, Native mode scales the video to display the entire picture within the borders of the screen (i.e. no overscanning).

Also take a look at page 16. The header is: "To connect a PC to the HDMI terminal on the TV:". There is the same note for the "Native mode" and that this disables overscan.

If the Native mode is always resets after you turned it of, there's nothing we can do as that's an issue with the TV itself and I can understand that this is pretty annoying. The calibration-setting issue is already resolved in the newest nightlies and Kodi master and will be included in Kodi 18.2 after release. But, tbh, I woudln't recommend to use that function if you can solve it otherwise as using the calibration in Kodi results in the lost of native resolution as you digitally resize the given picture which is always a lost if the picture can be displayed natively.
Yes, the native mode on that TV resets every time you turn off the TV or switch inputs. It correctly defaults to native mode if I use the VGA input instead of the HDMI one, but then it only supports 4:3 resolution. It also presents itself to the computer as 1920x1080, despite having a real resolution of 1366x768 - I've long given up on one to one pixel mappings. I called Toshiba about it many years ago, but they had nothing to help me.

In the mean time, I've set up overscan compensation in Nvidia's xorg settings.
(2019-03-14, 03:01)TheCycoONE Wrote: I called Toshiba about it many years ago, but they had nothing to help me.

Yeah, unfortunately most likely the case with older TVs. They simply don´t care anymore. For what I can say, I don´t have problems with a ~7yo and a ~3yo Sony TV as well as a recently bought Samsung 4k TV.

Maybe it´s time for something new. Sometimes you only need a little reason to decide to buy a new "toy" Wink
I have "fixed" that problem just copying guisettings.xml from Kodi 17.4 (by the way, it doesn't need calibration). After that, calibration settings work properly even in Kodi 18.4 GUI. Maybe it is not necessary to copy the whole guisettings.xml, just resolutions section. Or, it is possible to copy resolutions section to advancedsettings.xml. I haven't tried that yet.

However, it is sad, that nobody cares about that bug...
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