v17 EPG issue, multiple channels with same id don't populate.
When there are more than one channel with the same ID but different names, some are SD others have (720p) or 1080 appended to the name, only 1 channel ever shows anything in the epg. It doesn't seem consistent, sometimes it's the one with the basic channel name other times only the 720p will have any programs listed. If the guide has 3 versions of BBC One, only 1 of them will ever show the program listing. The tvg-ID is correct for each of them.

I have checked this with either a local playlist using the pvr simple iptv addon or using the tvheadend backend with the kodi client. This looks to be an issue with the way kodi updates/display the epg?

Is there an issue with having multiple versions of the same channel showing in the epg?


Apologies for the similar post in the addons section, I couldn't see an option to move the post.
I have solved this problem. It seems that the issue was caused by the 'iptv recorder' addon, I had been testing this out a while ago and it was still enabled. Disabling this addon has resolved the epg issue, all channels are now populating correctly.
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