Do I need a TV tuner to get TV and radio into Kodi?
I don't have a tv tuner.
I have internet and TV through DSL.
Do I need to buy a TV tuner to get TV and radio into Kodi?
Via the PVR (wiki) route for media received OTA by cable or antenna, yes you need some kind of backend hardware or similar source. If you have something internet based (an IPTV source basically) then you maybe don't.

As you have TV via DSL then your provider may also provide their channels over the net via IPTV. Ask them, and if they do something like TVHeadend may well be able to receive them and act as a source for Kodi.

Many radio stations also offer their services over the net as a stream. If so you can either use a music add-on like Radio to get them (although that add-on is having some problems of late), or just set up a strm (wiki) file yourself and get them directly.
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Do I need a TV tuner to get TV and radio into Kodi?00