Can't install PVR IPTV simple client

I'm running Kodi 18.0 on a Linux Mint 18.0 box and I would like to install the PVR IPTV simple client there.

First, I couldn' find the addon using the regular procedure. Looking for some info out there discovered that this add on is not included in linux boxes by default, but it must installed using the repositories of each distribution.

The official wiki says how to install it, so I opened a terminal and typed:

sudo apt-get install kodi-pvr-iptvsimple

as stated in the wiki. No luck. apt-get says that no such package exists but, however, some others refer to it, so something must be broken.

My application manager (well, Mint's) offers this package too, but when I click on it, the window showing the info about the package keeps trying to load whatever it tries to load and I never see the "install" button.

No  joy.

Can you help me to install it? I've seen this add on working on Windows boxes, so I guess that it should be possible to install it on my Linux computers...

Thansk in advance for your help.
try to install deb version manually
Thanks for your suggestion.

Finally, I discovered what was the reason preventing a "regular" installation of the package.

I use Bleachbit to clean temporal files that remain in the disk. When you use this tool in root mode, it cleans also the information about the available packages. So when you try to install software using either the software center or the command line via apt-get, there's NO information about what's available for download and install.

This may be solved running the update manager and asking for a refresh. Then, the information about the software is re-downloaded and everything comes back to life...

Hope this helps to anyone else having such weird problems, whatever the package they try to install is.

Thanks once more.
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