RetroPlayer & MAME arcade service menu
Retroarch allows access to the service menu for the game, does RetroPlayer have some key or button combination to do the same?  If not, is there a method to fine-tuning the controller for individual games?
We need a option to enter on service menu for the emulator if its possible...

to change gamepad buttons for some games or enable speedhacks or other things.
Does this help? Game_playback_controls (wiki)
BTC: 1JtXwJdGdE9YnYgThWBT2StFCU5sEYkbVD (personal), (foundation). Donations in the form of controllers, especially ones that don't work in Kodi, are also appreciated.
Yes but not being able to access the service menu of the machine will make some games unplayable.  Example; Tron, which in the arcade uses a dial to rotate either an arm or turret.  In RP I can rotate but only in a single direction I believe.  Access to the service menu I could adjust this and its speed and it would/should save those changes only for that machine.  This would avoid me making changes at the RP level which would be global for all games.

I'm really new to RP so if I am not seeing something please point it out.
Yes, please give us access to the Mame menus like in RetroArch.
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