How to add new categories to homepage.
Apologies in advance that this is a bit of a basic thing to ask, but there seem to be multiple ways of doing what I want and some seem skin-dependent.

At the moment, I am using  the Confluence skin on all of my Libreelec Raspberry Pis (they include a Pi3, a Pi2 and a couple of Pi1Bs).  I figured that I should use a Skin that would run the fastest on the slowest model of Pi I had.

I have a number of folders that show up under either Movie and TV Shows:

Under Movies - " Adult Movies" "Kids Movies" "Watched Movies" "Concerts"

Under TV Shows - " Adult TV Shows" "Kids TV Shows" "Stand Up Comedy" "Watched TV Shows"

Is there any way to modify confluence so that each folder could have its own separate entry on the homepage (rather than, for example, "Kids Movies" appearing as a subsection of "Movies)?

If so, how is this best done?
Custom home items (wiki)

Take note of limitations mentioned in Section 2
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Thanks Karellen.

I was trying to use the Custom Video Node add-on, thinking that it would automatically add the parent node to the homepage.

I didn't realise that you have to use a customisable skin in the first place.

I did try Xonfluence, but it was different enough to Confluence that I think I shall try another Skin.
if you can edit it on a pc first you could try
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