Broken -  ListItemAbsolute(offset) broken in Leia
I don't use it often and I just noticed it right after the Leia stable release (grml):

What works
  • ListItemAbsolute(1).Label = Is returning the second absolute position of a container

What does not work:
  • ListItemAbsolute(0).Label = Is returning the focused item instead of the absolute position

@Hitcher @jurialmunkey 
Can you please test it on your end and confirm?
Have you tested ListItemAbsolute.Label?
Yep. Same issue.

But I've noticed that it only breaks in media windows with viewtypes. Widgets on home etc are okay.

This works:
Container.ListItemAbsolute(0).Label / Container(50).ListItemAbsolute(0).Label (of the visible viewtype) / Container.ListItemAbsolute.Label

It only breaks without the container. prefix.
Can you start posting skinning engine bugs on GitHub with steps to reproduce in Estuary so we can keep a better track of them. Thanks.
FYI - Here's the link to the github page to report issues:
BTW can confirm.
$INFO[Container.ListItemAbsolute(0).Label] - Returns first absolute position
$INFO[ListItemAbsolute(0).Label] AND $INFO[ListItemAbsolute.Label] - Both incorrectly return current focused item instead.

Reproduce in Estuary in MyVideoNav by adding label control:
<control type="label">
I'm aware of the GitHub issues, I just wanted to be sure it's not just me Smile
Thanks for confirming. I'll open the ticket later this day.
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