Req Date added in NFO
Unless I am missing it completely, tMM does not store the date added in the NFO file. Is it possible for it to do this? The reason for this request is that if the time stamp of the video file changes, the date added changes which is not really correct. For example, I might mux in some subtitles, or in the case of right now, converting some avi files to mkv files. Such things do not actually change the date added to the library, yet they will appear as newly added items.
Always thought, we are already doing this ^^
Has been added in v3... test tomorrow.

Date in NFO counts, but also file date of videofile.
The older will be taken...

IIRC, newlyAdded and dateAdded are independent.
Former tag is set, when we add a new entry (Movie/Show/Episode) to TMM, regardless of dateAdded...
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