How to use ScummVm?
I updated to LibreElec 9 (so maybe this is a libreelec problem?) and wanted to try the ScummVm Addon.
First i couldn't find it because for some reason it is under "Support-Addons".
But anyway, i installed the addon but now i cannot find a way to start it.
When i select a .exe file i don't have ScummVm in the selection and i don't see any other way to start it.

Do i need some other addon to use ScummVm?
Or am i just blind/stupid? Tongue
I have the same issue on rPi 3. ScummVM seem to be installed but when I search for it RUN is grayed out. Anybody?
Hi Guys,

Exactly same problem here.... not sure if it's something I can't see but there is not "run" button on the add-on itself and no way to choose folders or recognize folders with ScummVM games, I would appreciate any input !

ScummVM recognizes .scummvm files. The contents of the file is a single line that contains the scummvm short name of the game. So for example if I was playing Kings Quest 2, i'd have my game folder:

Kings Quest II (folder)
- Random Game Files (various extensions)
- Kings Quest II.scummvm (text file containing one line: "kq2" without quotes)

Then in Kodi you can point to the scummvm file, and it should launch the game.

Hi ZachMorris,

Thanks for your help ! Unfortunately I followed your instructions with no luck, i tried with a few games:

I ssh into my kodi instance
Roms/Simon the Sorcerer/vi simon.scummvm

But on the kodi interface, I go to my games folders on the Games section, and no files with the .scummvm extension are displayed... I can see .rom files or .exe for example.

Anyways thanks for trying to help us !

Hmm. I didn't have to do anything to have the files show up. I'll also note ScummVM shows up as a game emulator addon on OSX, and if I go to the addon info window, and press run, ScummVM interface will startup.
i wonder if this is a linux/libreelec issue. I will try to move the discussion there.

Thanks !
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