Solved -  Take playlists from iTunes?
I've asked before about direct access to an iTunes library, and it seems impossible.
So... I bring my iTunes library into Kodi as a music source, and all the albums are there, just not the playlists (as expected). Is there any way to translate iTunes playlists so they appear in Kodi?
HDHomerun Quatro, RaspPi/TVHeadend, NUC/Win10/Kodi
The only (manual) way I've found is to be in iTunes and viewing the playlist to copy; go to File/Library/Export Playlist and save in .kodi/userdata/playlist/music folder. 

If you, by chance, you run iTunes in Windows and a NAS and have named your iTunes music storage folder to a fixed directory (as I do) you must also instruct Kodi to read the iTunes location correctly as well in an advancedsettings.xml file like this:
I got it to work, thanks. Discovered that I had to save it as an M3U file from iTunes (since that's what Kodi does when you click New Playlist)

Looks like a job for an addon! (or else an enhancement to Kodi itself when it imports libraries)
HDHomerun Quatro, RaspPi/TVHeadend, NUC/Win10/Kodi
Thanks @jasn for the details.
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