Couple of issues (container refresh, $comma, wraplist focusposition)
1) Dynamic container autu-refreshes Player.OnPlay/OnStop, this is an issue for me because if I use skin helper widgets (for ex) to get the content for it.
And I have trailer playing auto, then starting of play/stop will call script to create the content, but if it's something like 'random' playlist, obviously the content will change.
This is not a welcome behavior and causes change of content while viewing it, in addition to slowing UI due to script running to create listing.
I could alter skin helper widget to use call listing from cache but it will still take calculation time, force refresh the container and currently will allow only recreation from cache of last container with same properties to (so i can have only one widget with that properties, for ex., one 'similar movies' widget).
After all that, is there a way/trick/hack/whatever to pre-set the content somehow and then have the container content not change (untill next startup)?
alternatively a way to stop container from refreshing onplay/stop...

2) For some reason $COMMA just doesn't work for me. I try to use it in notification msg. tried direct approach with $comma inside the parenthesis, tried with $INFO[bla, $COMMA ,] /$var and tried with control.getlabel(id) with that control label having $comma. none worked.

3) Wraplist and focusposition:
So I have a wraplist, and when using focusposition it does not change the position of the focus itself, it actually moves the position to the NEXT item.
If using fixed list, focusposition will put the position the relative position AND the first focused item will be currentitem=1, but the same in wraplist will end with first focused item currentitem=2. Is this intended?

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Couple of issues (container refresh, $comma, wraplist focusposition)00