Getting rid of the 'no PVR activated' on startup Kodi

This maybe an incredibly stupid question but I can't seem to find the answer.

On Windows 10, Kodi 18.0 (recent DEF release) and all the versions before I get the message on Kodi startup 'no PVR activated'.

This is true ... I don't do anything with PVR. I don't want to either. But where can I shut this message off?
You don't have one of the PVR windows configured to be opened on Kodi startup, or a startup action "play TV", have you? There are settings for this.

Which skin are you using?
Using Confluence as skin.

Apparently default in interface - Settings - Startup is starting with radioguide. I am sure I didn't choose this. For various reasons I completely reinstalled a clean Kodi 18 with RC2.

Switching to another default setting there (Music), solved the problem.

Thanks! Maybe something for the Wiki as Googling this issue didn't throw up this solution.
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Getting rid of the 'no PVR activated' on startup Kodi00