Blu-ray disc detection not working kodi 18 final
If i inserted a blu-ray then the disc menu item is there but doesn't do anything.
With dvd this works fine.

If i understand right this should be working in kodi 18 (according to the change-log)

I tested this with live librelec 9 final, and with a installed libreelec 9 final
According to the log there are a lot of blu-ray read errors.

So am i missing something or does it indeed malfunction?

Log: azunomasip.kodi (paste)
Did you follow:

Yes i did, the result is the same

Imoh there is a difference between blu-ray disc detection and decryption.
The wiki is about decryption, i use makemkv addon from @5schatten for decryption, wich works fine

If my memory serves well this was working in a previous rc or beta (can't remember wich one)

Maybe i don't understand how blu-ray disc detection works?

If i insert a dvd, kodi gives a notification that it mounted a dvd, the disc menu item appears and if i click the disc menu item playback is started.
I expect this to be true for blu-ray with kodi 18 but kodi does not give the notification, the disc menu item appears but doesn't do anything when clicked
I´ll test that at home and will report back.
For a Bluray Disc is detected as a DVD at the UI. But that has nothing to say, as it's simply some kind of label which is reported after detection. IIRC you should understand that "Hey there's a video disc, so it should a DVD". Anyway, I get the play disc home menu entry and I was able to play the disc. In this case I tried "Gravity":

Other BRs are still failing to play at all in Kodi, for example: "This Means War" This disc doesn't play at all

Another one (Westernhagen Unplugged) worked fine as well.

Anyway those discs are detected as DVDs. I had some issue first because I have 2 optical drives built in. But after I unplugged one drive and the BR drive was the only one in my machine it works pretty fine so far

First of all thank you for looking in to this.

So if i understand right if kodi finds a disc it always assumes dvd and gives it a label dvd, but it has nothing to do with playback?

If that is the case what does this mean in the kodi 18 news section:
Quote:We've also improved Blu-ray support in terms of disc detection and metadata

and this in the changelog:
Added support for Blu-ray Disc detection and use provided meta data for Blu-ray Disc names[94]

And this:
Improved and enhanced Blu-ray support (including updated libbluray dependecies from the VideoLAN project[98][99]
For blu-ray decryption i use makemkv add on from @5schatten, this works fine but not through the disc menu option, so i thought it would be nice to see that blu-ray detection in kodi 18 is included and/or updated.
But apparently it doesn't work like that.
The makemkv addon works through menu video/files, so i can live without the blu-ray disc detection but it would have been nice though

I tried a lot of my disk and none of them will start playing.
Those disc are store bought encrypted discs so may that be the problem? maybe kodi rejects encrypted blu-ray discs right away? That will explain why you have succes with some discs, probably kodi can decrypt those discs right away (through keydb.cfg?) and you can play them through the disc menu option.
They all play fine through movies/files with makemkv, without menus that is
encrypted discs are not supported
So what i expected to work is not going to happen, ok fine that's clear then.

Thank you for explaining
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