I came across this android app from voguemaster which will download a zip and the extract the zip to update the android kodi files, essentially installing a new 'build'.

Now I understand that a lot of the addons etc from the build it currently downloads are probably not supported and I'm not interested in that anyway. I wanted to change it to update my own build (without unsupported addons) for my friends, so when I make an update they can update as well without me having to pop over their house with my USB stick.

Unfortunately, although I worked out what to change in the app via Android Suite to link to my 'build', i wasn't able to sign and pack the apk because the gradle was out of date - and then I had some warnings about some code being out of date as well. I guess that's to be expected from an apk that's had little or no support since 2015.

My question is, would anyone be interested/able to fork this apk so it will work? I had a go myself but I really don't have a clue what I'm doing beyond the very basics!
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