Default video player handling issues?
I am still pretty new to kodi, and I have never made or attempted to modify a skin but I have an issue that could be skin related so I'm asking here.  I'm testing out Kodi 17 ds player but I'm having some trouble with live TV.  The ability to play live tv by itself works fine but i suspect there could be differences in how the "Skinning engine" for lack of a better term passes off videos to DS player.  I can only go off the behavior I have observed for the time being so in a nutshell here is what I see.  With DS player enabled regardless of the renderer I chose selecting a channel from either a given skin's TV guide, or channel list does not result in any video playing BUT selecting a channel from a channels widget DOES result in the video playing for my given tv channel.  This seems to be the case across each skin I have tried, (Estuary, bello, aeon nox to name just a few).  Here is where it gets a little weird.  If I configure kodi to start playing live tv on startup, then while that video is playing selecting a new channel from the guide or channels list works just fine.  Kodi tunes to my new channel and starts playing video.  As soon as I hit stop with live tv at startup enabled, the video will no longer play if I select a channel from the channels list or guide but I can still select a channel.  I have experienced my issue with estuary, and bello 6 skins just to name a few, and my issues occur on the serverwmc, and nextpvr addons.  Is there some kind of mechanism in the skinning engine where kodi could be getting confused, and not bringing the video from live TV into the foreground, or could it simply be trying to pass off the video to the default video player and failing because DS player is set as the default. 

When I disable DS Player as the video player everything works as expected.  I have asked about this in the DS Player thread as well, and if there is some other forum that can better support my questions on this site I can ask there too but I'm not too sure where that would be.  Thanks in advance.
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