v18 -  Fire TV with IPTV Simple Client addon crashing and using 130-400% CPU-Kodi
I got Kodi 18 from Kodi.tv and I have only added IPTV Simple Client, it has been setup with a favorite IPTV provider in regard to m3u, EPG and picons.

I have no other addons running and everything is standard.

I have disabled hardware acceleration.

After using Kodi 18 for a few days, it starts crashing some times on channel list loading and other times after 4-5 minutes watching.

I have tried to Clear cache in Fire TV Settings under Applications -> Kodi. I have also tried Clear data and installing IPTV Simple Client again.
It did not stop Kodi 18 from crashing.

I have tried to uninstall Kodi and installed it again. It seems a little more stabile now, however it still crashes some times.

I have tried to setup Debug logging, when watching a channel it says that CPU-Kodi is using between 130 to peaks of 300% and sometimes 400%.

Example: (from watching a channel)
MEM: 572652/1556104 KB - FPS: 60.5
CPU: #0: 54% #1: 56% #2: 86 #3: 89% (CPU-KODI 235.55%)

When it peaks around 300-400%, it will crash.

Please note I am not running anything else than IPTV Simple Client version 3.5.7.

My Fire TV CPU is a AArch64 Processor rev 0. My CPU temparature reads 63 C.
Total memory: 1519MB
Free memory: 595MB
Operating system: Android 5.1.1 API level 22 (kernel: Linux 3.10.61+), which is my latest Fire TV version.

It have tried to Enable notification event logging and got the following messages:
Error: GetDirectory - Error getting

Error: ffmpeg(1372): (h264) Reference 2>=2
Error: ffmpeg(1372): (h264) error while decoding MB 41 32, bytestream 16696

Error: ffmpeg(1374): (h264) co located POCs unavailable
Error: ffmpeg(1375): (h264) co located POCs unavailable

I have noticed a growth in Storage Data growing to 545MB from 52.95MB after installation and setup on addon and IPTV over time (app. two hours) and restarts.
That is a lot since Kodi 18 only takes up 138MB.

How do I limit CPU use, so that my Fire TV does not crash?


I am 100% sure this is related to the EPG in IPTV Simple Client, if I turn EPG off, it is stabile.
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Fire TV with IPTV Simple Client addon crashing and using 130-400% CPU-Kodi00