v18 Instructions to build game binary addons don't work (Linux)
Quote:The binary addons and the binary games addons (the cores) are in different repositories. My scripts change the repository in the Kodi source before compilation, hence the reason why there are different scripts to compile the binary addons and the cores.

I haven't even worked up to the libretro cores yet. I'm just trying to run the binary addons that ship with Kodi:

Quote:If you are using Kodi installed from the PPA I think the installation directory you have to set is /usr/ and not /usr/local/. I'm not 100% sure about this.

No, as I said in the first post I'm compiling from source. The instructions call attention that the same prefix should be used for the main Kodi compilation and the binary addon compilation, which I'm doing.

I just need someone to tell me where Kodi *actually* looks for the addon library files, so that I can fix my build and then make a pull request to fix the official instructions.
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